What Shirts Do I Wear?

I have a few Everlast, Adidas, and FILA shirts and singlets that I like - some of my specific favourites I've listed below.

What Shorts or Trackpants Do I Wear?

I normally wear trackpants or regular or 3/4 shorts - I like Everlast (for trackpants), Adidas (for shorts) and FILA (for trackpants) again. I make sure to select ones that don't restrict flexion or abduction of the hips.

I also wear compression shorts or long tights - my preferred brand is SKINS from Australia, but I also like 2XU, UnderArmour (they're the most affordable brand) and Adidas too.

What Shoes Do I Wear?

I love the benefits and feeling of training barefoot, so I'm a big fan of Vibram FiveFingers (my first choice), Nike Free and Puma K-Street's  - I have a 1 pair of each that I use for.

For weightlifting (squatting in particular) I normally use a pair of Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes (the raised heel allow for better depth and the hard sole allows for excellent transfer of force, compared to cushioned athletic shoes)