Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vertical Jump Bible - Lower Weights/Sprint/Plyometrics Week 11A


1-leg Slalom Jump - 4x30 per leg
1-leg Speed Hop - 4x20m
On-box Jump (70cm) - 4x5
Low Squat Ankle Jump into shock lunge - 4x5 per leg
High Depth Jump (70cm) - 4x5
Leap Frog Jumps  - 3x25m

All went solidly.



Cut this a bit short because it was very chilly and my hamstring was cramping up a little after the first 30m, didn't want to take any risks.


Back Squat - 4x4 @ 82.5kg
1/4 Squat - 2x4 @ 115kg
Pull Throughs - 4x6 with Purple and Orange PowerBand

Was much better than last weeks effort (I left a 2hr gap between the sprints/plyos and weights as I was feeling very fatigued before hitting the weights last week).

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